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Wells Fargo’s Collections Team Merge Tops 2017 List of Most-Read Stories

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In May, Auto Finance News learned that Wells Fargo Dealer Services was in the process of consolidating its network of collection centers, which topped the 2017 list of most-read stories.

Wells Fargo Dealer Services merged 60 regional collection teams and eliminated 57 executives from regional centers. Separately, Executive Vice President Bill Katafias departed the bank.

Santander Consumer USA also saw executive turnover when its Chief Executive Jason Kulas left, and then paid $713 million in an exit deal to former Chief Executive Thomas Dundon.

And it’s no surprise that TCF Bank’s exit from indirect auto finance also made the list of most-read stories for the year.

Read more of the year’s top stories below, including the rise of car subscription services, Credit Acceptance’s subpoena, and what financial relieve lenders offered following the hurricanes.

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  10. Santander to Pay Former CEO Thomas Dundon $713 Million in Exit Deal


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