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Hyundai Issues $1 Billion Lease Securitization

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Hyundai Capital America issued a $1.088 billion securitization, backed by prime auto release receivables, according to a report by S&P Global Ratings released this week.

The 44,512 prime auto leases in the trust have a weighted average Fico of 743 – relatively unchanged from the OEM’s previous issuances since 2014 — and approximately 41% of the securitized pool have Fico scores of 750 and higher, according to S&P. The pool consists primarily of leases with 36-month original terms (58%) and 48-month original terms (36%).

Hyundai Capital has been investing more heavily in innovation this year, and recently moved its Hyundai Digital Camp team into a “more scalable” location on June 1, to Burlingame, Calif., according to an HCA spokesman. This was in an effort to put its “eyes and ears in Silicon Valley,” to surveil “the market of emerging technologies for opportunities,” the spokesman said.

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