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Daily Reads: Keep Your Social Media Channel Controversy-Free

http://www.bankinnovation.net/directory/24491/nerture/The social media landscape can be tricky to navigate, especially for first time users. And with services like Twitter, there could also be potential legal issues attached. Risk Management Monitor examines a number of potential issues for social media users with your company, including defamation lawsuits if he or she criticizes a competitor, and maintaining separation between employees’ digital personal and professional lives. With social media gaffes happening every hour of every day, maintaining a strong and controversy-free social media channel is more difficult — and more important — than ever.

It can be hard to figure out whether a television commercial is successful or not. But with online video ads, it is actually easier than it seems, with a number of tools and tactics to increase engagement. Utilizing strategies like interactive video marketing, reveal-based marketing, and polling, lenders can develop online video ads that people don’t ignore. Convince and Convert explains.

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