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New Webinar Offers Tips to Make Compliance Training Fun

Making compliance training fun seems impossible — and expensive — but there are simple ways to alter training initiatives to engage employees without breaking the bank. That’s the upshot from the latest webinar hosted by the Center for Auto Finance Excellence entitled “Can Compliance Be Fun? Tips & Tools to Make Training Engaging.”

“All it takes is a little effort and creativity and you’ll be able to engage your company’s team members and get them to actually look forward to your compliance training initiatives,” said Linda Iannone, chief compliance officer at Toyota Financial Services.

Toyota Financial has introduced several initiatives to make training fun, Iannone said. For example, the captive introduced gamification into its annual privacy compliance training earlier this year.

“We figured everything is gamified these days, from the apps we use to the video games we or our kids play, to the board games some of us still play on a Saturday night,” she said. “We love games, we love competition, so why not apply those same principles to compliance training?”

The privacy training allows TFS employees to play an interactive game by answering compliance questions and earning points for each correct answer.

“We have received good feedback for this privacy course and plan to move ahead with gamification for other compliance topics,” such as training on the Fair Credit Reporting Act and Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, she said.

Toyota Financial also hosts a Compliance and Ethics Week each year, in which it hosts special live events — such as game shows or comedy improv — designed to impart real compliance knowledge, Iannone said.

This webinar is the second in our four-part, 2017 series of webinars and is presented by the Center for Auto Finance Excellence through the generous support of Fiserv and DataScan. A complete recording of the webinar, with tips from Iannone to implement fun games into training, can be found here.

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